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Moses Rubin is born from the northern winds that have brought me back to my homeland carrying a rucksack full of songs, experiences, eagerness and the necessity of going it alone in what is my first adventure as a solo artist. I am Moses, a young songwriter, blues guitar player and singer born in Madrid on a Saturday of 1990. My fascination for music started when i listened Help! for the first time at the age of 5 in a cassette with my parents during one of my family trips to the Country. Over time, Simon & Garfunkel, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, The Kinks or Dire Straits came to keep The Beatles company in my walkman, discman and finally, in my iPod, growing with me. As my musical project, Moses Rubin is born from that fascination that constantly encourages me to recover the spirit of the music that has walked with with me since my first steps.

"It was absolutely impossible for me to resist the charm of Subtle Atmospheres”; a delicious cocktail of precious folk with sublime pop melodies, one of the greatest and most pleasant musical surprises of 2016. (...) There might be someone who confers part of the merit to those exquisite arrangements. But the quality of the songs is the key, and its demonstration is to listen to some of them naked in his debut; the essential EP "Bear with me". However, enjoying the beauty of his new single “Everybody’s Lover/Tony Higgins" I'm sure that Moses Rubin has more than enough of talent his best is yet to come".

J.F. León

Rock & Roll Animal Radio, R66

“Subtle Atmospheres is a sensational debut album, with a classic scent, good deeds, and supreme quality (...) a great compilation of songs that corroborate the good signs sketched in his previous work of five songs called "Bear with me". (...) Moses Rubin's singing diction together with his vocal tone are in the wavelength of Cat Stevens, Jim Croce or James Taylor: big words” 


Luis de Benito

Islas de Robinson (Radio 3)

"It's really good to hear some real music again"

Bobby Whitlock

Derek & the Dominos, Bobby Whitlock

"Subtle Atmospheres is a record that tucks you in, an exceptional an unique voice, heaven-made choirs, guitars that crunch and carry you suspended in midair with open chords. Such a lemon sweet, a strange kind of what is called pure folk-pop goldsmithing, with the style of the inevitable reference of Moses' vocal nuances, Yusuf / Cat Stevens . (...) "Moses has still a lot of time to make things that surprise us, his songwriting talent is ginormous."

Joserra Rodrigo

Exile SH Magazine, Rockandrodriland, "Pasión no es palabra cualquiera"

"Moses Rubin has reminded us a lot and for good to Cat Stevens (...) with a well captured 70s' sound and a personal touch (...) This outstanding first LP by Moses Rubin, contains eight good songs from classic pop, with roots in the seventies, a decade in which the rock on many occasions, served as a support to build powerful pop and Folk Pop melodies . (...) However, Rubin is a son of his time and even though the weight of his main influences can be found several decades ago, it can't be denied that the final result is fully present: a kind of folk-rock, or folk-blues with a veneer of pop that completely assimilates what other bands, with perhaps more renown but not with more talent, are doing these days, such as Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine or similar."

Paco Pepe Gil

Plástico Elástico, Loffit ABC

Moses Rubin has not emerged from nowhere: he comes from his love for blues music and that good education is noticeable. He was born 26 years ago and as a kid his parents instilled him with"Help" by The Beatles during their family trips which lead to that domino that so many people share: Clapton, Dylan, The Band (his name seems closer to The Weight that to a mere translation of his name), The Kinks, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd or Fleet Foxes among others between the medical team that cures so many aching souls. The classic scent that comes from these names does not steal the innovative and risky tone of the music that Moses creates with such a personal touch and a shocking level of maturity."

Miguel López

Dirty Rock

"It is impossible to listen to the voice of Moses Rubin and not thinking that we are facing the Spanish Cat Stevens (...). "Subtle Atmospheres" is a outstanding record that none in his right mind should miss, it is one of the nicest surprises of the year."

King Nikochan

Nikochan Island

“The music of Moses Rubin reflects his taste for the most exquisite pop, the delicious arrangements and the most classic sound. It is a record that offers precisely what it promises from it title: subtle atmospheres and warm folk-pop environments with clear references to the 60s and 70s."

Fidel Oltra


"Moses Rubin's musical universe that feeds itself from the elements of the american music, to which Moses will appeal in order to show them elegantly and delicately. Those characteristics can also be applied to the treatment imprinted to a rich and detailed instrumentation that naturally manage to fuse rock, soul or Harry Nilsson's folk in "Steppin' Stones". If we go a bit further in this roots we can find "Friday", which connects with bands such as The Felice Brothers or Wilco, or the electricity of the guitar that exudes from "The Rain". Throughout this concise journey of influences and tastes the luggage is also loaded with pop and even with psychedelia in "Look Back". In other fields, a set like this would be defined as a delicatessen".

Kepa Arbizu

Ruta 66, Mondo Sonoro

"Since we opened "Subtle Atmospheres" and till the moment we finish its listening, we find a strong importance on the acoustic guitar skeleton, which is present through the backbone of the whole record, a soft percussion, and a fascinating and enveloping vocal performance that transports you from one song to another without letting you think about anything apart from keeping immerse in Mr. Rubin's magic".

Gonzalo de Cos

Pop Musique

"If recorded during the 70s, "Subtle Atmospheres" would compete -under different conditions, of course- with the rocker version Pink Floyd, (or at least that can be deduced from a song like "The Rain"), or with Cat Stevens in his most inspired time as it can be thought listening to "Halfway Through", whose melody comes form another generation when the electricity was invading slowly but inexorably the acoustic skeleton of fantastic harmonies where we could find shelter for a few minutes. That is how you connect with the environments of "Subtle Atmospheres", which are predominately British and full of wild humidity that turn the landscapes into poetry and endear the verses to the emotions."

JJ. Caballero

El Giradiscos

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Songwriting, guitar and lead vocals






Piano, Hammond & Rhodes


Art, design, photography & merchandising


Photography & video


Guitar and backing vocals


Producer, sound & mixing





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Bear with me (EP, 2016)

"Bear with me" is my especial way of starting this exciting new project. Five guitar and voice songs whose naturalness perfectly defines the essence of Moses Rubin. Recorded at El Invernadero and produced by Brian Hunt, "Bear with me" aspires to introduce you to Moses Rubin's universe from its purest and most authentic version.

Subtle Atmospheres (LP, 2016)

"Subtle Atmospheres" could be defined as a "culminating debut" or as the "final point of a beginning". Thus, this LP, in addition of being the first long play of Moses Rubin, is also the culmination of a process consisting in months of planning, hard work, lots of activity and headaches. However, it is not exempt of the eagerness that has accompanied me during the first year of this project, which was born during my time in Leeds, in the north of England. This record is made up of eight "subtle atmospheres" of what I like to define as "classic pop", which are no other thing but a story of my recent life. Something that looks significant for someone who is still in his twenties. All you can listen to in this LP is a sort of synthesis of what has happened to me since the melody of "D Woman" seeped through my head in a cold November evening of 2008 when I was 17 years old; and util I finished the lyrics of Friday in an old notebook after I started to write it in Leeds some months ago. That said, "Subtle Atmospheres" is a mimed music selection made from the distance and matured to the sound of these years.

Everybody's Lover / Tony Higgins (Single, 2017)

There are different and diverse reasons that have led me to publish a new release, although I have to admit above all is my irresistible necessity of unrolling the cap and releasing a couple of "new atmospheres". I say "new atmospheres" just because these two new songs aspire to be a reminiscence of what you hace listened to during these months. They are, as everything I've done to date, one more piece of my universe. Both describe people I've come across and tell things about me and my vital periplus. However, and although as I suggested before there are more reasons behind this new release, sometimes I discover and assume that this new single is nothing but an excuse for keeping on doing what I love once again, surrounded by all the wonderful people that help me to continue creating and growing everyday.

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